Python Bootcamp

- Plymouth

Number Of Classes: 5
Class Duration: 6 Hours
Class Type: In-Person & Online
Number Of Students: 10 ( In Person )
Homework: Yes
Class Dates: 16 Aug 2021 – 20 Aug 2021
Time: Daily 9a-3p


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This bootcamp is designed to build confidence with basic programming concepts using hands-on activities.


16 Aug 21Python Basics, Numbers and Variables, String Operations, Lists, and Initial Programming Exercises
17 Aug 21If Statements & Conditionals, For loops, While loops, and related Programming Exercises
18 Aug 21Functions, Classes, Objects, and related Programming Exercises
19 Aug 21Introduction to the TKinter Graphics packages, Start coding Gaming Project
20 Aug 21Finish Gaming Project, Student presentations, and Wrap Up