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Number Of Classes: 8
Class Duration: 2 Hours
Class Type: In-Person & Online
Number Of Students: 10 ( In Person )
Homework: Yes
Class Dates: 7 Jul 2021 – 25 Aug 2021
Time: Wednesdays 4-6p


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Algebra course covering Algebra 1 & 2 concepts, with focus on word problems.


7 Jul 21Equations and InequalitiesSimple Equations, Inequalities,
Abs value inequalities
14 Jul 21Systems of Linear EquationsWord Problems, Elimination and Substitution,
Gauss-Jordan elimination
21 Jul 21Word ProblemsLinear equations, Inequalities.
Graphic and Algebraic
28 Jul 21Simplifying ExpressionsCombining expressions, Difference/Sum of squares,
Perfect Squares (and cubes)
4 Aug 21Factorizing and ZeroesFactorizing, Quadratic Formula, Finding zeros of polynomials,
Zeroes of polynomial vs. graph, Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
11 Aug 21Exponents and LogarithmsProperties of exponents, Properties of logarithms,
Exponential models and word problems, Compound Interest,
Logarithmic Growth
18 Aug 21Rational and Radical ExpressionsRational and Radical Expressions
25 Aug 21World ProblemPolynomial expressions, Rational expressions